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Stem cell big cattle team, Nature blocks cancer cells' new "Don't eat me" signal
Ovarian cancer and triple-negative breast cancer are among the most deadly diseases affecting women. There is almost no targeted therapy and the metastatic rate is very high. Often, cancer cells express a "don't eat me" signal to evade the identification and attack of immune cells. In cancer immunotherapy, most cancer cells are attacked by one of the signals being blocked. When more than one "Don't Eat Me" signal is blocked, they will become more vulnerable to destruction.
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China's original stem cell treatment program breaks through the world's problems
The original program of the Chinese medical team successfully broke through the worldwide problem of leukemia bone marrow transplant donor deficiency, becoming the first choice for more than half of the world's haploid bone marrow transplant patients.
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The weapon of the country - stem cell regeneration
CCTV News: Through special materials and treatments, human cells can be regenerated, repair damaged parts and cure diseases. In the near future, if you are sick, taking medicine may not be the only choice. In this medical frontier, our scientists are also actively exploring new ways to save lives.
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